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Full HD LVDS IP Video
System on Module
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The ATOMAS-MINI-LVDS encoder module is a feature-rich IP video encoder designed for a wide range of OEM camera designs.

The unique compact form factor of the ATOMAS Mini LVDS makes it especially well suited for integration with standard LVDS zoom camera blocks.

  • Glueless connection to SONY LVDS zoom blocks

  • High profile H.264 video compression

  • IP video streaming at up to 1080p60

  • Local recording to SD card

  • Onvif profile S compliant

  • Web-based administrative user interface

  • 7 to 12 VDC power input range

  • Low latency IP video streaming
  • On-board RTC and hardware watchdog

Full HD

Supports H.264 IP video encoding at up to 1080p60 resolution to convert any LVDS source into a fully integrated IP streaming solution.

VISCA Protocol

Fully compatible with SONY’s VISCA protocol, allowing for direct connect / control of practically all of SONY’s zoom blocks.

Software Stack

Provided with a fully functional embedded software stack including Onvif Profile S allowing for easy integration to any software platform.

Advanced Features

Features such as accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, local recording and WiFi allow for integration into a variety of custom camera solutions.
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The ATOMAS-MINI-POE module is a Power over Ethernet & connectivity add-on module designed for use with the ATOMAS-MINI encoder modules. This optional module adds 802.3at PoE support as well as all basic physical connectors to your product design using the same unique small form factor of the ATOMAS-MINI encoder.

  • 802.3at PoE (30W)

  • Direct connect to ATOMAS-MINI

  • Miniaturized form factor

  • Extended temperature design

  • On-board 3V coin cell RTC battery


The ATOMAS-MINI-ACC-KIT is the ideal accessory kit to get you started with your ATOMAS-MINI-LVDS design.  It includes a universal AC/DC power supply as well as ready to use cables for network, power, audio, serial communications and I/O.

  • Use w/ any ATOMAS-MINI-LVDS

  • Provides all basic cable assemblies

  • Incl. Universal AC/DC power supply


The ATOMAS-SDIO breakout board is a micro SD add-on board designed for use with the ATOMAS line of encoders. This optional module brings edge recording support to your ATOMAS design by adding support for a removable micro SD memory card.

  • Support for micro SD memory card

  • Direct connect to ATOMAS-MICRO

  • Direct connect to ATOMAS-MINI
  • Miniaturized form factor


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