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Full HD Parallel to IP Video
System on Module

The ATOMAS-MICRO-CNCT encoder module is a feature-rich IP video encoder designed for a wide range of OEM camera designs.

The unique miniaturized form factor of the ATOMAS-MICRO-CNCT makes it especially well suited for integration into small HD camera systems.

  • HD parallel video interface
  • High profile H.264 video compression

  • Supports input resolutions at up to 12 megapixels
  • IP video streaming at up to 1080p60

  • Local recording to SD card

  • Onvif profile S compliant

  • Web-based administrative user interface

  • 5.5 to 14 VDC power input range

  • Low latency IP video streaming
  • On-board RTC and hardware watchdog

Full HD

Supports H.264 IP video encoding at up to 1080p60 resolution to convert any parallel source into a fully integrated IP streaming solution.


Sensor Control

Can be tuned to take control of any parallel video module, including zoom and focus functions.

Software Stack

Provided with a fully functional embedded software stack including Onvif Profile S allowing for easy integration to any software platform.

Advanced Options

Options such as PoE, HD-SDI / 3G-SDI support, and external i2c board control allow for integration into a variety of custom camera solutions.

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The ATOMAS-MICRO-POE module is a Power over Ethernet add-on module designed for use with the ATOMAS-MICRO encoder. This optional module adds 802.3af PoE support to your product design using the same unique miniaturized form factor of the ATOMAS Micro encoder.

  • 802.3af PoE (15.4W)

  • Direct connect to ATOMAS-MICRO

  • Miniaturized form factor

  • Extended temperature design

  • On-board 3V coin cell RTC battery


The ATOMAS-SDIO breakout board is a micro SD add-on board designed for use with the ATOMAS line of encoders. This optional module brings edge recording support to your ATOMAS design by adding support for a removable micro SD memory card.

  • Support for micro SD memory card

  • Direct connect to ATOMAS-MICRO

  • Direct connect to ATOMAS-MINI
  • Miniaturized form factor


The ATOMAS-MICRO-CNCT-ACC-KIT is the ideal accessory kit to get you started with your ATOMAS-MICRO design.  It includes a universal AC/DC power supply as well as ready to use cables for network, video, power, serial communications and I/O.

  • Use w/ any ATOMAS-MICRO

  • Provides all basic cable assemblies

  • Incl. Universal AC/DC power supply


The ATOMAS-MICRO-HDSDI module is a video interface add-on module designed for use with the ATOMAS-MICRO encoder. This optional module converts any HD-SDI video input to a parallel video interface compatible with the ATOMAS-MICRO encoder.

  • Supports up to 1080p HD-SDI
  • Direct connect to ATOMAS-MICRO
  • HD-BNC connectors
  • Integrated adaptive cable equalizer
  • Cable driver for HD-SDI loop out


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